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How Automation Can Help Maintain Business Continuity through Unforeseen Events

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Date and Time:  April 23, 2020, 2 p.m. EDT

Presenter: Brian Cook, Senior Vice President of Higher Education and Jim Walker, Vice President of Business Development

Natural and manmade catastrophes, tragedies, illness, pandemics, can happen with or without warning. Sometimes disaster recovery plans overlook business continuity and sustaining cashflow. When you leverage your SaaS technology to maintain business continuity, you make it easier for your institution and your team to weather the storm--no matter what that storm brings. 

Learning Objectives
1. Identify the simplicity of today's SaaS environment
2. Identify and describe the employee tools necessary to prepare for remote work environments in the case of unforeseen events
3. How to incorporate SaaS automation into your institution's disaster recovery plan. 

CPE Availability: 1 hour

This event is part of the CCBO webinar series. 

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